Saturday, 20 July 2013

Thanlyin GTC Student Sex Exposed!

 The two students identified as follows

Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 16 - 25
GTC Student
Location: Thanlyin
Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 16 - 25
GTC Student
Location: Thanlyin
Statement: This news happens to come out mid-July where two students from Thanlyin GTC in Myanmar have sexual intercourse in school teaching room.

Screenshot of two Myanmar students having sex

Main Content
Around mid-July, estimated time is evening 4pm-7pm, two or more students capturing two Thanlyin student sex video using mobile to show that this case is really happening. Two identified people are both Thanlyin students (claimed: Unknown teacher from Thanlyin University) both are in age of between 16-25 and sexual intercourse occurred in teaching room. The sexual intercourse process is described in above screenshot. 

After having sex, they are being summoned by Thanlyin teacher who is responsible for such acts. Two students are made severe counter arguments of scandal videos. On the other hand, the parents of the girl are denying that "she is not our daughter, we don't have this kind of daughter". The boy is asked to marry the girl but he said: "I will never marry this girl". The boy will not take responsible for this ridiculous sex video.

So what will the girl do for her dignity and life? Staying forever in a room or will do something unforgivable. It is still not clear that the boy intentionally set up with his friends to get her doing or the girl trying to trap the boy and that will be interesting. 

Updated News
It is said that the girl is from Tharkayta Yangon Myanmar, Row 2 one of the good student in the class. After being reviewed this case some information leaked out from the school is that one of the professor in Thanlyin GTC was fired. The guy was also withdrawn from the school with or without notice. Some rumors heard, to solve the problem the guy is willing to pay 1,500,000 kyats (988 kyats equals 1 USD) to the girl family.

Will this video is completely set up with his friends or will the girl trying to get her boyfriend or both didn't know that this video was captured?

Source of Information
From respective friends
From one of the GTC student
From public
From drchatgyi blog (screenshots)

Person A11: I believe that this is real that why they secretly capture it!
Person B11: Ah that not possible I think it is fake, where on earth they didn't notice while doing
sex and moreover this is setup setup you know.
Person A11: Huh I am seeing their clothes school uniform and can be real why not?
Person B11: Uniforms can be created ha ha

Link : (you can download video there)

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My writing might suck! However I am hoping to get comments, guys and girls what do you all think?

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